Empowering a sustainable habitat on Earth

Optimize land and water resources for your business... and the planet.

HabiTerre provides in-depth intelligence for agricultural land, including crop, water, nutrient, and carbon, from aboveground to belowground.

Our insights are transforming the agricultural industry.

   Carbon Solutions

  • Carbon Footprint MRV (Measure-Report-Verify)
  • Carbon Credit Calculation for Individual Fields

young corn growing in field


For grain buyers...
  • Increase margins
  • Decrease transport costs
  • Time the market
Powered by our targeted crop production forecasts

FarmScreen™ - field level insights for farmland investors


For farmland investors…
  • Streamline your diligence process
  • Identify the best targets
Powered by our 10-year performance history and insights

Custom Projects

Our technology allows us to offer a broad range of custom development projects, including:

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Stakeholders We Serve

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Farmland Investors

We help investors streamline their diligence process and maximize return on investment.

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Supply Chain & Grain Elevators

We help grain buyers time purchase decisions with early local production forecasts.

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Food Industry

We help food/beverage manufacturers to monitor, verify, and report sustainability progress and carbon credits.

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We help NGOs promote public goods through improving global food security and environmental sustainability.

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We help government agencies improve monitoring capability of agriculture production and market volatility.

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Crop Insurers

We provide de-risk strategies, and help crop (re)insurers design index insurance.

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