Leading-Edge Environmental & Productivity Insights for Agriculture

Insights for Sustainable Agriculture at Scale

HabiTerre is an advanced science and technology company that delivers actionable insights to improve Ag productivity, efficiency, and environmental outcomes scalably, accurately, and cost-effectively.

From soil organic carbon (SOC) and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions quantification to farmland history and early in-season yield forecasts, our insights are transforming the agricultural industry.

Leading-Edge Crop Production Insights at the Field Level

Why Choose Us

Backed by Rigorous Science

A solution backed by $25M in R&D and 100+ peer-reviewed publications with results highly exceeding market standards.

Actionable Insights

We provide scenario modeling, starting with real farm dynamics at field level, and scaling to supply shed level, to assess and calculate the impacts of practice change.

Efficiency Across Millions of Acres

Our highly efficient computational pipelines can process tens of millions of diverse acres monthly.

How We Help

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Food & CPG Industry

We help companies with large Scope 3 footprints in agriculture to measure, monitor, report, and verify (MMRV) progress toward their sustainability and climate goals.

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Carbon Offset Developers

We help carbon offset developers reduce dependency on soil sampling and reduce MMRV costs to maximize credits generated and revenue to farmers.

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We help farmers by reducing the burden of manual data reporting for environmental market opportunities and providing actionable, field-level insights for improved decision making.

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Ethanol, Biofuels, & Grain Buyers

We help grain buyers like Ethanol and Biofuel producers optimize purchasing decisions with field-level production forecasts and environmental data to support carbon intensity quantification for Low Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS) markets.

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Ag Supply Chain

We help entities across the ag supply chain provide value-added tools to the farmers they work with to forecast in-season, field-level production, and sustainability outcomes, and to track outcomes for downstream reporting.

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We help government agencies monitor and report on productivity and climate-smart commodity outcomes at scale.

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Our Process

Let's Cut Through the Noise

With constantly changing protocols and recommendations, let HabiTerre help you through the process to reach your sustainability goals and needs.


Understand Needs & Identify Solutions

We learn about your unique sustainability goals and needs and help to identify specific problems and solutions.


Get The Accurate Data You need

We provide you with accurate, traceable data to support your accounting needs.


Make The Largest Impact

We empower you to make informed decisions with the largest possible impact.

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