About HabiTerre

HabiTerre provides in-depth intelligence for agricultural land, including crop, water, nutrient, and carbon, from aboveground to belowground. Launched out of a world-class research lab at the University of Illinois, HabiTerre generates unprecedented field-scale intelligence for businesses in the food and agriculture industry. HabiTerre carries an ambitious mission to de-risk and sustain modern agriculture for humanity.

We use remote sensing, process models, and artificial intelligence to evaluate past, present, and future cropland performance, including crop rotation, management history, yield, water use, nutrient dynamics, and carbon sequestration. With a methodology that starts at the field level, allowing aggregation across any global region, we offer critical insights to businesses throughout the agriculture value chain.

Work Environment

We are an equal opportunity employer with a team around the country. We offer a workplace that is both casual and professional, and a culture that is committed to learning, fun, and excellence.

Our team consists of people who are passionate about creating insights-rich and intuitive customer experiences and, at the same time, obsess over performance and reliability of what we build. We challenge the status quo and strive towards finding the best way to solve problems.

The successful candidate will join our R&D team, which consists of a group of leading scientists and engineers in earth system modeling, remote sensing, software engineering and artificial intelligence. We work in small collaborative groups to keep things simple and efficient, and thus give a lot of autonomy to our staff members to perform the work required and be creative.

Open Job Opportunities:

Location: Champaign IL / Remote