Farmland Performance Past, Present, & Future

Make Knowledgeable Decisions with Past, Present, and Future Farmland Performance Data

HabiTerre’s FarmScreen solution provides deep backgound checks on farmland performance, weekly yield forecasts during the growing season, and highly accurate field scaled predictions. For any moment in time – past, present, and future – we help you understand farmland performance data so you can make knowledgeable decisions.

Know the performance history of any farmland property before you buy.

HabiTerre’s FarmScreenSM solution gives you a ten-year performance history that allows you to quickly screen new farmland leads with unbiased data in a standardized format.

Streamline your diligence process and quickly identify targets that are ripe for improvement.

aerial view of farmland pointing to farmland parcel

Intra-Property Yield Variation Map

Know what yield to expect in any area, long before government reports are available.

HabiTerre’s FarmScreenSM can do just that for any area you define. Get highly accurate field scaled predictions, along with weekly yield forecasts during the growing season.

In good times and in bad, knowing early gives you the edge. No one likes surprises when they’re counting on supply.

graph showing YieldScreen crop forecast compared to NASS forecast and 5-year average

You define the draw area…

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Latitude and longitude coordinates

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Then We Deliver...

Field-scale predictions for the region YOU define

Weekly yield forecast during the growing season

Historical crop yield reconstructions, powered by validated scientific models and next-generation technology

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And Deliver...

Insights for improving performance

Yield performance comparisons to nearby fields and county average

Targeted farm-level data converted from satellite signals and weather

graph showing corn yield of given field, compared to average county yield, over 10 years
ponding causing low crop productivity

Built from the Ground Up

Highly Accurate

Available before Government Reports

Now available for properties in Iowa, Indiana, Illinois and Nebraska with more regions coming soon.

Transform Your Business

ethanol plant

Ethanol Plants

Increase your margins by zeroing in on crop yield forecasts for your exact draw area. Will there be a surplus or a deficit? The sooner you know, the better.

grain elevators

Grain Elevators

Don't be caught short on grain and saddled with added transportation expenses because you have to buy from afar. Know the available supply for your preferred draw area well in advance of the harvest.

grain futures trading board


Increase your margins by zeroing in on crop yield forecasts for your exact draw area. Will there be a surplus or a deficit? The sooner you know, the better.

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