Deep background checks for farmland performance

What if you could know the performance history of any property before you buy?

Ten-year performance history allows you to quickly screen new farmland leads with unbiased data in a standardized format. Streamline your diligence process and quickly identify targets that are ripe for improvement.
aerial view of farmland with parcel selected
aerial view of farmland pointing to farmland parcel

Intra-Property Yield Variation Map

Make your next farmland purchase armed with…

Historical corn and soybean yield reconstructions from 2012 - 2106

Historical crop yield reconstructions, powered by validated scientific models and next-generation technology

ponding causing low crop productivity

Insights for improving performance

graph showing corn yield of given field, compared to average county yield, over 10 years

Yield performance comparisons to nearby fields and county average

Close-up heat map of Champaign, IL shows crop production history

Targeted farm-level data converted from satellite signals and weather

Now available for properties in Iowa, Indiana, Illinois and Nebraska with more regions coming soon.

FarmScreen℠ Report Highlights

Aerial Images

Historical Property

Quantitative Property
Production Data​

Detailed Yield
Variation Maps

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