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GreenBusinessImpact Interview with HabiTerre CEO Nick Reinke

Video: Is Your Carbon Offset Data Accurate?

Nick Reinke talks with Billy Fetzner from the GreenBusinessImpact podcast about how agriculture can be a great carbon sink if certain practices are upheld. With accurate data and modeling, we can actually see the impact that changing farming habits can have over the production, quality, and ability for a field to sequester carbon. They dig into HabiTerre’s vision and leading-edge technology and science and how it can be applied to environmental impacts from agriculture.

If you’re a sustainability professional or anyone looking for better insights into your ag sourcing or land portfolio, this is a great video for you.

Video Chapter List

0:00 – HabiTerre Interview
1:24 – HabiTerre Introduction
2:20 – Where the data comes from
4:32 – Use cases for HabiTerre data
5:36 – Carbon offsets for farmers
6:42 – Quantification of Carbon storage
8:03 – Nick’s recent transition into being the CEO of HabiTerre
9:39 – Connection with University of Illinois
11:03 – Science-backed business
11:39 – Biggest potential for this modeling technology in 2022
13:26 – Current work with Ag industry
14:43 – People’s behavior and choices matter
16:33 – Current outreach to make the connections
17:44 – Connecting farmers to the end goal
19:48 – Current ways to incentivize farmers
21:00 – What Nick is currently learning
22:14 – How to get in touch with Nick
22:47 – One Ecopreneur tip

About GreenBusinessImpact

GreenBusinessImpact highlights amazing green companies from around the world through a series of in-depth interviews that are actively fighting against the climate crisis. There is just an incredible amount of climate negativity that is being spread about how we aren’t doing enough, and this podcast is living PROOF spoken through the voices of ecopreneurs telling their story of how their business will help us reach our climate goals. Tune in for weekly episodes, released every Thursday.

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