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HabiTerre is Unveiled as 2022 Arch Grant Winner

Arch Grants celebrated its newest cohort of grant recipients at its annual gala in St. Louis on Friday, November 18. This year, the nonprofit is providing more than $2 million in grants to 23 unique startups. HabiTerre was announced as one of this year’s winners.

Recognized for providing products that can scalably quantify environmental impacts from agriculture as well as help agriculture producers manage and optimize their operations, HabiTerre was awarded a $75,000 grant, and an additional $25,000 to relocate to St. Louis. Co-founder Dr. Kaiyu Guan, CEO Nick Reinke, Senior Modeling Scientist Bin Ping and Chief Engineer Yizhi Huang represented HabiTerre at the Arch Grants gala on Friday.

“The Arch Grants 10X Event was an incredible celebration, bringing together business leaders across many sectors of which we were honored to be a part. We are beyond excited to join the St. Louis business community, a hub of geospatial and agriculture technology innovation, to expand the positive environmental and productivity impacts of our technology in the world of food and agriculture,” said HabiTerre CEO Nick Reinke when asked about the event.

Arch Grants decided to reduce its number of awards this year, in order to increase the dollar amount awarded to each recipient. Instead of naming 35 businesses to receive $50,000 each, the nonprofit chose 23 startups to receive $75,000 each, plus funds for relocation. This year’s recipients included startups in the geospatial, agtech, and medical device industries.

HabiTerre is making big impressions in the agtech realm, with its unique system of systems approach, offering critical insights to businesses across the agriculture value chain. By using a unique combination of remote sensing, process models, and artificial intelligence, HabiTerre is able to scalably monitor, measure, and analyze global and local production and environmental impacts to support decisions around the use of land and water resources.

About Arch Grants
Arch Grants was formed in 2012 with a mission to transform the economy in St. Louis (and throughout the world) by attracting and retaining extraordinary entrepreneurs. The nonprofit hosts a unique Startup Competition annually and awards $75,000 equity-free grants to its winners. In addition to awarding grant money, the program provides access to a multitude of resources geared toward helping these early-stage startups grow and scale.

About HabiTerre
HabiTerre’s mission is to secure a sustainable future for the planet by empowering individual players to increase their profits with better decision-making around land and water resources. We use remote sensing, process models, and artificial intelligence to evaluate past, present, and future cropland performance, including crop rotation, management history, yield, water use, nutrient dynamics, and carbon sequestration. With a methodology that starts at the field level, allowing aggregation across any global region, we offer critical insights to businesses throughout the agriculture value chain.

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