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Jamie Ridgely joins HabiTerre as VP of Product and Operations

HabiTerre is thrilled to announce that Jamie Ridgely has joined the company as the Vice President of Product and Operations. With an impressive background in leadership and innovation in the agriculture and technology industries, Jamie brings a wealth of knowledge to the HabiTerre team. 

Jamie Ridgely is a seasoned leader with a proven background in developing, managing and scaling innovative product strategies. Her expertise will play a pivotal role in driving HabiTerre’s mission to advance the digital infrastructure necessary to support a sustainable future for food and agriculture. 

Prior to joining HabiTerre, Jamie held several key positions at well renowned agriculture and technology companies, where she successfully led product and operational teams, oversaw creation and scaling of a major soil carbon program, developed a scalable framework for conservation planning across the ag value chain, and executed the fruitful exit of a small ag tech company. In addition to her experience across many aspects of business, Jamie actively farms and firsthand experiences the implications of climate change and conservation efforts at field level. 

Commenting on her decision to join HabiTerre, Jamie said:

“My move to HabiTerre was largely inspired by a realization that in order to meet the challenge of mitigating climate impact, the agricultural industry must think and act not only with urgency, but also at scale. This requires transformative innovation- the kind that brings forth new ways of thinking and best in class science to technologies that deliver real market value. Habiterre solutions enable partners to do just that- use best in class science, truly at scale, to target, measure, and then monitor real landscape change.”

The HabiTerre team is dedicated to making the world a better and more habitable place by advancing sustainable agriculture and land stewardship with a holistic systems approach to farm productivity and resource use efficiency. We do this by helping farmers and the ag value chain maximize profitability and resilience by reducing negative environmental impacts like GHG emissions, nutrient, soil and Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) loss, and water use inefficiencies. 

These capabilities and supporting technologies were developed at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign to scalably, accurately, and cost-effectively quantify agricultural productivity and environmental impacts with the utmost scientific rigor. We use our leading-edge technology combining remote sensing, process models, and artificial intelligence to evaluate past, present and future cropland performance, including crop rotation, management history, yield, water use, nutrient dynamics, GHG emissions, and carbon sequestration.

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