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Report from Stanford Law School Policy Lab Makes Recommendations to Advanced Climate-Smart Agriculture

The Stanford Law School Policy Lab released a report on how data progress is needed for climate-smart agriculture.

“Given the Biden administration’s commitment to “climate-smart” agriculture and accompanying Congressional support, the U.S. agricultural sector is poised to reduce its carbon footprint and make major contributions to combating climate change, according to a new report from Stanford Law School’s (SLS) Law and Policy Lab and the Bezos Earth Fund, published April 12, 2023. However, as the authors describe in “Data Progress Needed for Climate-Smart Agriculture,” critical improvements in carbon, methane, and nitrous oxide measurement and monitoring protocols and data sharing are needed to realize the full potential of climate-smart agriculture.”

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Data Progress Needed for Climate-Smart Agriculture

To put climate-smart agricultural practices on a strong, data-informed footing, the recently released report from the Stanford Law School Policy Lab and Bezos Earth Fund urges new practices and protocols.

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Data deficiencies can impede America’s plans for ‘climate-smart’ agriculture

An op-ed authored by David J. Hayes, a lecturer at Stanford Law School and former special assistant to President Biden, and Andy Jarvis of the Bezos Earth Fund summarizing the report was published in The Hill.

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Environmental Markets in Ag: More Than Just Soil Carbon

When we think about Measurement, Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MMRV) needs and scaling markets for Climate-Smart Agriculture, we need to think about NET SYSTEMS IMPACT, rather than focusing solely on soil carbon outcomes. But what does that mean and why? Dig into exactly what net system impact looks like, why it matters, what we can do, and how HabiTerre can help.

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