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Circle Up & Get REAL Podcast Talks with Nick Reinke

Video: Getting REAL About Finding Your Truth and Connecting It with Nick Reinke

Want to witness a REAL conversation without a clear-cut end in mind? Then you will love this conversation Jodee Bock has with Nick Reinke, CEO of HabiTerre, an advanced science and technology company that delivers actionable insights to improve Ag productivity, efficiency, and environmental outcomes.

During this conversation, Nick and Jodee talk about growing up in the same rural North Dakota town one generation apart, and what that experience gave to each of them in similar and distinct ways.

You’ll learn about Nick’s personal journey which includes earning his MBA from Johns Hopkins University, and how, in looking back on his life so far, it seems all the dots are connecting to bring him exactly where he is at this point in time. They touch on topics as robust as climate change, mission, identity, conscious capitalism, and even serendipity.

About Jodee Bock

Jodee Bock is a Life Purpose and Career Coach, and is wildly curious about how to engage the HUMANS and not just the RESOURCES inside companies. She has worked with dozens of organizations to help their leaders awaken to the possibility of profit with a purpose. She hosts the Circle UP & Get R.E.A.L. podcast.

About Circle Up & Get R.E.A.L Podcast
When you’re with your peeps, you invite them to Circle Up. And when like-minded and like-hearted others come together, they hold space for each other to Get REAL: Radical, Energized, Authentic, & Learning-focused. It’s time to Circle Up & Get REAL.

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